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The Incline Railroad Chattanooga Tennessee Lookout Mountain

Part 4 in our 4 part series:
“Weekend getaway to Chattanooga, Tennessee”

We travel “Up and Down The Incline Railroad” – perhaps America’s most unique working historic railroad, located at the base of Lookout Mountain.

Experience the original “shock and awe” as you climb up the track’s staggering 72.7 percent slope. So hang on! And let your journey begin . . .

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there is happiness in wandering

While we often lacked money growing up in the midwest, we always had imagination – and a love for exploring. From small creeks and backlots, to alleys and nearby shops, my siblings and I cobbled together quirky adventures as we wandered our neighborhood. Through our creativity we filled the summer days with the unexpected. Decades later, that desire to wander continues to shape my life through travel.

Travel let’s me fulfill my desire to explore while drawing closer to the creativity God has expressed all around us. And to do so with respect and kindness to His Creation and those inhabiting it.

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